Flags For Fallen Military
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We are part of these local Combined Federal Campaigns and will be included in more soon: Northern Lights, Red River Valley, Greater Wisconsin, U.P. North Michigan Area, Heartland Region, Minot Area, Central Iowa, Bismarck/Mandan. Donate Today!
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Respect. Honor. Sacrifice.

What does FREEDOM mean to you?
FREEDOM – Find Respect in Each and Every Dream of Man

Think for a moment of all the great organizations in the world that help others (American Cancer Society, United Way, and many, many more). Giving and honoring is a wonderful thing; many lives have been saved and blessed by these organizations. These organizations deserve our respect as they add value to life and a chance to dream for a better tomorrow. This has all become possible because with freedom anything is possible. What would you have to give up if you weren’t free?

MORE IMPORTANTLY, think of our service members who have given their lives so that we as mankind can live our lives in freedom, free to dream, get involved and be a part of any organization we desire.

We must continue to honor and respect the men and women who have shed their blood, sweat and tears so that WE can all enjoy freedom. They deserve an everlasting symbol to be remembered.

The American Flag is a symbol of Liberty and Freedom. When it is draped over the coffin of a fallen hero and then surrendered to widows and family members, the American Flag is a symbol of life and the belief in eternal life. It represents honor and remembrance for those who have defended our country to attain peace. It is a tribute to mothers and fathers who through their faith, love, loyalty and devotion molded the character of our fallen hereos. The final fold of the flag reminds us of our nation’s motto ~ IN GOD WE TRUST.

To honor our heroes that have given the ultimate sacrifice, Flags For Fallen Military is dedicated to placing an American Flag in honor of each fallen hero in remembrance of the price paid to keep our country free.

We are asking you to PAY IT FORWARD. Please help us honor our brave men and women who have fought and died for our freedom. Help us show the families the respect and appreciation that their loved ones deserve….because of them we are free to live out our dreams.

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Our Mission
The purpose behind Flags For Fallen Military is to provide a lasting honor and tribute to those families who have lost a loved one in the line of duty. We discreetly seek out families who wish to honor their loved ones and engage them in a respectful manner. We hope that the process leads the family to accept, at no cost to them, our offer to install a Flagpole and hoist an American Flag in their desired location.
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We are looking for people in every state across the nation to help install flagpoles and/or help with fundraising.
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