Flags For Fallen Military
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Below you will find pictures of some of the flag installations done by Flags For Fallen Military. Several more are scheduled for this year. It is the goal of FFFM to install a flag for every hero that has fallen in support of the freedoms enjoyed by the citizens of this great nation as requested by his or her family without regard to gender, race, religion, or ethnic background. Please join us in honoring these heroes.

If you have a hero that you would like to be honored, please click here

Forename Surname Branch And Rank Date Of Death Age City State
Gary R.(..) Pilardi Jr. Army Specialist 08-30-2011 28 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Dustin J. Feldhaus Army SPC 03-29-2011 20 Glendale Arizona
Michael C. Mahr Army PFC 03-22-2011 26 Homosassa Florida
Mychael A. Flint Navy EOCN 03-07-2011 21 Fort Ann New York
Kelly Mixon Army SPC 12-08-2010 24 St. Mary Georgia
Blake D Whipple Army Specialist 11-05-2010 21 Williamsville New York
Joseph T. Prentler Army Specialist 10-04-2010 20 Fenwick Michigan
Matthew Wagstaff Army, CW3 09-21-2010 34 Orem Utah
Christopher B. Rodgers USMC LCPL 09-01-2010 20 Griffin Georgia
Raymond C. Alcarez Jr. Army Sgt. 08-31-2010 20 Redlands California
Daniel Fedder USMC Master Sergeant 08-27-2010 34 Pine City Minnesota
James M. Swink II Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class 08-27-2010 20 Yucca Valley California
Chad D. Coleman Army SPC 08-27-2010 20 Waukesha Wisconsin
Malone P. Hovle Jr. Army SFC 07-17-2010 43 Indian Mound Tennessee
Joseph Johnson Army Specialist 06-16-2010 24 Flint Michigan
Michael K. Ingram Jr. Army Sergeant 04-17-2010 23 Newport Michigan
Daniel W. Sweeney Marine Lance Corporal 04-14-2010 20 Coon Rapids Minnesota
Jonathon D. Hall Army PFC 04-08-2010 23 Fort Campbell Kentucky
Kurt E. Kruize Army Sergeant 04-04-2010 35 Hancock Minnesota
Scott W. Brunkhorst Army Sergeant 03-30-2010 25 Fayetteville North Carolina
Curtis Z. Shinneman Army PFC 03-20-2010 23 Valparaiso Indiana
Patrick L. Freeberg Navy Airman 02-19-2010 20 Madison Lake Minnesota
Jason H. Estopinal USMC PFC 02-15-2010 21 Dallas Georgia
John A. Reiners Army SSG 02-13-2010 24 Hamilton Florida
Kielin T. Dunn USMC Lance Corporal 02-18-2010 19 Chesapeake Virginia
Gifford E. Hurt Army PFC 01-20-2010 19 Raeford North Carolina
David A. Croft Army Specialist 01-05-2010 22 Plant City Florida
Rory R. Gavic USAF Staff Sergeant 11-14-2009 25 Buffalo Minnesota
George W. Cauley Army Specialist 10-10-2009 25 Walker Minnesota
Aaron J. Taylor Marine Staff Sergeant 10-09-2009 27 Bovey Minnesota
Joshua J. Kirk Army Sgt 10-03-2009 30 Ft. Carson Colorado
Matthew Wildes Army PFC 08-27-2009 18 Hammond Louisiana
Chad Tucker Army SSG 08-19-2009 28 Vicenza Italy
Paul E. Dumont Army Sergeant 08-19-2009 23 Williamsburg Virginia
Daniel P. Drevnick Army Specialist 07-16-2009 22 Woodbury Minnesota
Thomas J. (O'Kane) Gramith USAF Captain 06-17-2009 27 Eagan Minnesota
James D. Wertish NG Specialist 06-15-2009 20 Olivia Minnesota
Johnny R. Sills USMC 06-13-2009 40 Blaine Minnesota
Chester W. Hosford Army Specialist 06-06-2009 35 Hastings Minnesota
Paul F. Brooks SSG National Guard 05-21-2009 34 Jonesboro Arkansas
Michael J. Anaya Army CPL 04-12-2009 - Crestview Florida
Christopher M. Wainright Army SPC 01-23-2009 26 Temecula California
Clint A. Sikorksi US Army Sgt. 10-17-2008 21 Mosinee Wisconsin
Wesley R. Durbin Army Sgt. 09-14-2008 26 Springfield Georgia
Michael Dinterman Army PFC 09-06-2008 18 Littlestown Pennsylvania
David J. Todd, Jr. Army SFC 08-20-2008 36 San Antonio Texas
Athan Allen Navy HM2 08-16-2008 26 Nederland Texas
Ronald A. Schmidt Army Specialist 08-03-2008 18 Newton Kansas
William J. Mulvihill Army Specialist 08-01-2008 20 Minneapolis Minnesota
Michael A. Schule Army Sergeant First Class 07-17-2008 41 Saint Francis Minnesota
Jeremy D. Vrooman Army Staff Sergeant 07-15-2008 28 Superior Wisconsin
Jason Davis USMC CPL 07-05-2008 22 Goodspring Tennessee
Christopher J. Maurer Navy Seaman Apprentice 05-30-2008 19 Wichita Kansas
Frank J. Gasper Army SSG 05-25-2008 25 Merced California
Jeffrey F. Nichols Army SPC 05-01-2008 21 Granite Shoals Texas
Marcus Mathes Army Sgt. 04-28-2008 26 Zephyrhills Florida
Timothy Michael Army Sgt. 04-07-2008 25 South Lake Tahoe California
Stephen R. Koch Army E4 03-03-2008 23 Spotswood/Milltown New Jersey
Robert W. Guilfoil Air Force Airman 03-02-2008 23 Chanhassen Minnesota
Javares J. Washington Army Staff Sgt. 02-11-2008 27 Pensacola Florida
Matthew R. Kahler Army E7 01-26-2008 29 Granite Falls Minnesota
Matthew I. Pionk Army Sergeant First Class 01-09-2008 30 Eveleth Minnesota
Jonathan Dozier Army Staff Sergeant 01-08-2008 30 Chesapeake Virginia
James W. McDonald Army Sgt. 11-12-2007 26 Neenah Wisconsin
Joseph Lancour Army Specialist 11-10-2007 21 Ludington Michigan
Anthony Bento Army CPL 09-24-2007 23 San Diego California
David J. Lane Army Private First Class 09-04-2007 20 Emporia Kansas
Andrew P. Nelson Army Staff Sergeant 08-29-2007 22 Moorhead Minnesota
Justin Penrod Army SPC 08-11-2007 24 Mahomet Illinois
Jacob M. Thompson Army Staff Sergeant 08-06-2007 26 Mankato Minnesota
Bradley Marshall Army SGT 07-31-2007 37 Little Rock Arkansas
Zachary R. Clouser Army SPC 07-18-2007 19 Dover Pennsylvania
Eric A. Lill Army Sergeant 07-06-2007 28 Chicago Illinois
Anthony D. Hebert Army Private First Class 06-21-2007 19 Lake City Minnesota
Darren P. Hubbell Army Staff Sergeant, Medic 06-20-2007 39 Jacksonville Florida
David J. Bentz III Army Private First Class 06-20-2007 20 Clayton New Jersey
Matthew Soper Army Sergeant NG 06-06-2007 25 Jackson Michigan
David C. Kuehl Army Staff Sergeant 05-22-2007 27 Wahpeton North Dakota
Robert J. Dixon Army Specialist 05-06-2007 27 Minneapolis Minnesota
Daniel Scheibner Army SFC 04-29-2007 40 Muskegon Michigan
Alexander J. Funcheon Army Sergeant 04-29-2007 21 Bel Aire Kansas
Noah C. Pierce Army Specialist 04-26-2007 23 Eveleth Minnesota
Conor G. Masterson Army Specialist 04-08-2007 21 Woodbury Minnesota
Joseph A. McSween Navy PFC 04-06-2007 27 Dallas Georgia
Levi W. Derby Army PFC 04-05-2007 25 Cissna Park Illinois
Daniel R. Olsen Marine Lance Corporal 04-02-2007 20 Eagan Minnesota
Justin "Dutch" Estes Army SSG 03-05-2007 25 Sims Arkansas
William J. Beardsley Army Sergeant 02-26-2007 25 Blaine Minnesota
Nickolas Tanton Army PFC 02-13-2007 24 San Antonio Texas
Michael C. Mettille Army Sergeant Major 02-01-2007 44 West St. Paul Minnesota
James M. Wosika, Jr. Army Sergeant 01-09-2007 24 St. Paul Minnesota
Jay R. Gauthreaux Army Sgt. 12-04-2006 26 Vacherie Lousiana
Nicholas D. Turcotte Army Specialist 12-04-2006 23 Maple Grove Minnesota
Tony L. Knier Army SFC 10-21-2006 31 Sabinsville Pennsylvania
Joshua L. Booth USMC 1st Lt. 10-17-2006 23 Sturbridge Massachusetts
Jason Lucas Army CPL 10-13-2006 24 Columbus Ohio
Jon E. Bowman USMC LCPL 10-09-2006 21 Dubach Louisiana
Dean R. Bright Army PFC 10-04-2006 32 Sutnerlin Oregon
Johnathan L. Benson Marine Corporal 09-09-2006 21 North Branch Minnesota
Joshua R. Hanson Army Sergeant 08-30-2006 27 West St. Paul Minnesota
Qixing Lee Army Specialist 08-27-2006 20 Minneapolis Minnesota
Kyle R. Miller Army Sergeant 06-29-2006 19 Bird Island Minnesota
Robert G. Posivio III Marine Lance Corporal 05-23-2006 22 Sherburn Minnesota
Eric D. Clark Army Private First Class 05-11-2006 22 Kenyon Minnesota
Stephen P. Snowberger III Army PFC 05-11-2006 18 Lopez Pennsylvania
Ricky Falas Jr. Army PFC 04-07-2006 21 Roswell New Mexico
Danial Sesker IA Arng Sgt 04-06-2006 22 Ogden Iowa
Patrick W. Herried Army Specialist 02-06-2006 29 Bemidji Minnesota
Kenneth B. Pospisil Marine Staff Sergeant 12-14-2005 35 Ramsey Minnesota
Anthony T. McElveen Marine Corporal 12-01-2005 20 Little Falls Minnesota
Scott T. Modeen Marine Lance Corporal 12-01-2005 24 Blaine Minnesota
Ryan D. Christensen Army PFC 11-24-2005 22 Spring Lake Heights New Jersey
Evan S. Parker Army Sergeant 10-26-2005 25 Wichita Kansas
Jacob T. Vanderbosch Army Specialist 10-03-2005 21 Vadnais Heights Minnesota
Joshua D. Lund Army Sergeant 09-18-2005 22 Shafer Minnesota
Michael A. Benson Army Sergeant First Class 08-10-2005 40 Winona Minnesota
Christopher Falkel Army Special Forces Sergeant 08-08-2005 22 Littleton Colorado
Bryan J. Opskar Marine Sergeant 07-23-2005 32 Pelican Rapids Minnesota
Danny P. Dietz Navy SEAL 2nd Class Petty Officer 06-28-2005 - Littleton Colorado
Adam J. Crumpler Marines LCpl 06-18-2005 19 Charelston West Virginia
Jason G. Timmerman Army First Lieutenant 02-21-2005 24 Marshall Minnesota
Jacob L. Pfingsten Army NG Sergeant 02-12-2005 22 St. Cloud Minnesota
Mickey E. Zaun Army Sergeant First Class 01-28-2005 27 Brooklyn Park Minnesota
Joel E. Baldwin Navy E-7 12-21-2004 37 Gulfport Mississippi
Daniel L. Posivio Navy Fireman 07-27-2004 19 Sherburn Minnesota
Jeremy L. Drexler Army Private First Class 05-02-2004 23 Berryton Kansas
Justin B. Schmidt Army Specialist 04-29-2004 23 Bagley Minnesota
Levi T. Angell Marine Lance CPL 04-08-2004 20 Saint Louis Minnesota
Moises A. Langhorst Marine Private First Class 04-05-2004 19 Moose Lake Minnesota
Christopher F. Soelzer Army Captain 12-24-2003 26 Sturgis SD
Eugene Uhl III Army Sergeant 11-15-2003 21 Amherst WI
Edward J. Herrgott Army Private First Class 07-03-2003 20 Shakopee Minnesota
George A. Mitchell Army Sergeant 04-07-2003 35 New Creek West Virginia
Curtis D. Feistner Army Major 02-21-2002 34 White Bear Lake Minnesota
Ronald J. Hemenway US Navy ET1 09-11-2001 37 Arlington Virginia
Robert L. Reynolds Jr. Marines PFC 06-22-1966 21 Lebanon Indiana
Esteban C. Lopez Army PFC 04-20-1945 30 Brownsville Texas
Fred Wingo Army PFC 04-12-1945 29 Buffalo Missouri
William Blanton Army 2nd LT 04-10-1945 27 Williams Creek Kentucky
Robert W. Brock Army PFC 02-08-1945 26 Pineville Kentucky
Ralph Tidwell Army PFC 06-06-1944 19 Munday Texas
Claude A. Ray Army Air Corp SSGT. 10-27-1943 25 Coffeyville Kansas